Saturday, 8 June 2013

Celebrities; 'superhuman', a different, perfect race..

Hello everybody, 

I was talking to my grandma the other day and it got me thinking. She is in her late 70's and she idolizes the Queen, she thinks that the Queen is the most amazing person ever, she takes inspiration from what she is wearing, how she has her hair. I found it quite strange because people in our generation tend to look up to completely different people, celebrities. 

There's this strange thinking when it comes to celebrities. People tend to assume that they are 'superhuman', a different, perfect race or something, always looking perfect. But in reality they are just like you and me. Take a look at Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande without make up on. 

They are ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things and i suppose that is why we idolise them. In a way i feel sorry for them, they are put under this ridiculous pressure to look 'perfect' but thanks to expensive make up and Photoshop it's not an unrealistic goal. However i feel even sorrier for the teenagers that feel like they need to look 'perfect’ like these celebrities; when in reality it is not possible without spending a ridiculous amount of money. 

I know it's a bit rich coming from someone who has the least self-confidence in the world and is constantly trying to change/improve my image but; embrace yourself and be proud of who you are. 

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