Sunday, 2 June 2013

Meet My Big Sister- Katie.

Hey Guys, 
So as this blog was made so you could all get to know me a bit better i thought i'd introduce you to my sister, Katie. I was going to put a picture of us here but there are none of us together recently because she HATES having her photo taken! So the best i could do is edit a holiday snap from last year to make it look like we're in the same photo! I am on the Left, Katie is on the Right and our little sister Sophie is at the bottom!

1.   How old are you both?
M- 16
K- 18
2.   Describe each other in one word?
M- Protective
K- Determined
3.   Do people ever get you mixed up?
M- Yes, I get called Katie all the time, it's horrible!
K- I never get called M haha
4.   What is something that annoys you about one another?
M- When she's in a bad mood I'm the first person she'll be horrible to! yeah that annoys me a lot
K- She can be selfish at times!
5.   Do you ever argue?
K- HAHAHA well..
M- Yes, we used to argue about everything but we've gotten better and we don't do it that much anymore
6.   What’s the best thing about one another?
M- Katie can drive and she'll stand up for me if I need her to! 
K- M is easy to have a decent conversation with.
7.   Fave memory together?
M- We never do anything together so i don't know! 
K- Probably holidays when we were younger
8.   Full sisters/half/step?
M&K- Full
9.   Guess each others fave singer?
M- Kelly Clarkson, she has her CD playing in her car constantly. 
K- MCFLY, easy!
10.       Who takes longest to get ready?
     K- M.
     M- Yeah me
11.       Heels or flats?
     M- Flats, I don't really get the opportunity to wear heals that often
     K- Flats
12.       Jeans or dresses?
     M- I love a good dress
     K- Jeans, every time!
13.       Favourite animal?
     M- Horse or Dog
K- Dog or Rabbit
14.       If your house was burning down, and your entire family were sure to be okay, what would you save and why?
M- Well, I have a box with all special things to me in so I'd save that.. also all of my McFly merch! I've got like 3 signed T-shirts, a poster made out of a pizza box so yeah pretty 'important' stuff!

K- If family includes the dog then I'd save my favorite childhood toy, phone and laptop!
15.       Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
M- Chick-flick
K- Cick-flick
16.       Blackberry or iPhone?
M&K- Well as we both have iPhone5's, iPhone!
17.       Favorite movie?
M- James Bond you only live twice or Wild Child
K- Parent Trap
18.       What is something weird that you eat?
M- Cheese and chocolate spread sandwiches omg they are literally the BEST thing ever!
K- I have ketchup and mayo mixed together which is pretty weird i guess
19.       Do you guys have anything matching?
M- urmm, I'm not entirely sure.
K- if we do we never wear it at the same time, we have a rule; whoever bought it first gets to decide who wears it or not.
20.       What's your favorite TV show?
M- McFly on the Wall even though it’s not being showed anymore. I literally cried at every episode!

    K- I don't really watch much TV but probably Waterloo Road.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about my family!
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Until next time.

M. x

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  1. I loved this! It was really nice to find out more about you and Katie xx


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