Monday, 17 June 2013

The CRAZY Last Day of Secondary School

Hello everyone!

2008-2013, the years I spent at secondary school. On the 24th of may 2013 we left for good... well, until September when we go back for post 16(sixthform). It was a pretty big deal as we are saying goodbye to over half the year.

It’s a tradition at my school that on the last day we go absolutely MENTAL, and that’s what we did! Our theme was ‘superhero’s Vs Villain’s’. 

We all arrived early to set up pranks which included; 
-Stealing the clocks
-Turning tables and chairs upside down and the wrong way round
-Filling classrooms with balloons
-Putting pictures of the teachers faces on superhero or villains bodies round the school
-Throwing glitter everywhere
-Squirting lower school students with water pistols
-Setting alarm clocks to go off in lessons and hiding them

And just causing general havoc! By 8.25 we were all running up and down C floor screaming and signing! Teachers had organised cute things to do in the lessons we had to go to. Then came break..

THE RAVE ON B FLOOR, dancing on tables, throwing shaving cream everywhere, squirting water pistols, music on full blast... it was crazy! ..unfortunately i only managed to film the calmest bit haha.

Although the teachers didn’t seem to enjoy it too much; the whole year got sent to the sports hall and got a massive telling off and they threatened to cancel our prom! It was like something out of mean girls ‘ALL YEAR 11 GIRLS TO THE SPORTS HALL NOW’.

The next few lessons were pretty fun, we were doing the macarena and singing high school musical in science! and played games in history!

Lunch was a bit more composed! We all had our 'last lunch' together in the rooms we usually sit in aw! Then just as people were moving to form rooms we blocked B floor.. the main corridor! 

The day was then finished off by an 'emotional' speech for our head of year. It was a great day but sad to say goodbye to certain people. Watch this video a friend of mine did to get an idea of the madness for yourself!

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