Thursday, 1 August 2013

Prom -I'm Back!

Hello everyone, 

It feels like i haven't blogged in AGES! But it's time i got back into it. Lots of exciting things have been happening over the last two months so be prepared for numerous posts!

So, on the 5th of July it was my year 11 leavers prom, and i know what you're going to ask... and no, Danny did not go with me, he was in America recording McFly's sixth album(eeeeek!!!), however i had an amazing time without him!

Being part of the prom committee it mean that i was partly responsible for setting the hall up ready for the evening. We all arrived before 8 o'clock, which i'm not going to lie was SO early after being off school for over a month! We worked for hours to produce a room that looked gorgeous(...when it was dark!) 

Spending the whole day setting up meant that i literally had an hour to get ready before my friends came over for pre-prom drinks! I managed it though! At around 7.30 we left my house and drove to school... check out my vine posts(username: imhereforever_) of us in the car... cringe! And of course we rolled up to school blasting Miley Cyrus best of both worlds didn't we!

Dress- Oasis
Shoes- New Look
My Teacher, Mr Edwards and I.

I had such a hard time getting hold of my dress, here's the story: I originally bought a dress from Ted Baker which i ended up returning and buying another dress from Ted Baker but then a week before prom i decided that i didn't want that dress any more. I totally fell in love with a dress from oasis but it was in the sale and they didn't have any left in my size in the country! The only place they had them was in Moscow in Russia?!!?!?! And after what seemed like a million phone calls they decided that they wouldn't ship the dress! So i ended up buying the smallest size i could find in the UK which was a 10, and having it taken in, it ended up being taken in over two sizes.. All in the week before prom! Thankfully it fit me perfectly!

I had amazing night and i hope everyone else in the year did too! We had a photo-booth which was so cool as well as a professional photographer. I'll post my professional photos as soon as i get hold of them!

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Until Next Time,

-M. x


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