Monday, 13 January 2014

Positive Outlook -Follow your dreams

Hey everyone!

I could go on and on about loads of different brands i love but if you watched my new year resolution video you'll know that 2014 is my year of being more positive so i thought that it was even more appropriate to talk about this particular brand.

I've known of positive outlook for a while now and two orders later i can honestly say i've never been disappointed! Their aim as a company is to be as sustainable as possible yet still create amazing fashion.. and in my opinion they've achieved this!

Make sure you check out their most recent additions to their line at their website-

Their clothes are such good quality and are soso nice! My Favorite thing from them is easily my top which says 'Follow your dreams'. Everyone needs a bit more positivity in their life! Check out the things i got in my new YouTube video up on Wednesday so you can get a better look!

Another thing i LOVE about positive outlook is the way they present their clothes. Check out how things looked when i received my package last week!

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Until Next Time,

-M. x

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  1. Oh wow the stuff looks amazing! Love your blog and youtube so much!

    Martina | ItalianCharm98


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