Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Things I Wear Too Much

Hey, Everyone!

Theres always those few pieces of clothing that we wear way too much, so here are mine!
Check out my video 'The Things I Wear Too Much'  in which I go into more detail! 

White, low Converse-

White, High Converse-

Chelsea Boots-

Black Tube Skirts-

White Tops- 

Denim Shirts-

Checked Shirts-

Like i said, check out my video for more details! click HERE to watch the video.

-M. x


  1. hi M!! I am a huge lover of your blog and your youtube channel. So much so that you were one of the reasons I started to write mine. I guess our blogs are similar in ways, and I wondered if you'd like to check it out? It would mean a lot if you left a comment telling me what you think as I love to hear peoples opinions on what I write! Keep doing what your doing because it's great! -

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