Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Style Snippet- Slip Ons

Hey my lovelies,
There are so many emerging spring/summer trends but something that's been up and coming for the last few months that's really caught my eye is slip ons.

Originally, I hated them but as always I slowly learnt to love them and I've now ended up with numerous pairs! My feet are so wrecked from uncomfortable shoes and it's such a relief to wear shoes that are comfortable and look great! They're so fun to style and come in such variations. Here are a few of my favourite.


1. YMC £70 http://goo.gl/Mq6XYP
2. Vans £45 http://goo.gl/T3E0FZ
3. Topshop £20 http://goo.gl/l0TEja
4. ASOS £20 http://goo.gl/DWC1A1
5. H&M £19.99 http://goo.gl/A30NmE
6. Vans £52 http://goo.gl/PGnWOs
7. Topshop £20 http://goo.gl/ccNhe7

Until next time,

-M. Xx


  1. When i went for my personal shopping they picked a coupld of pairs out for me but i just wasn't feeling it, now i really want a pair! Will have to get some soon!


  2. I totally know what you mean! The second pair are definitely my favourite x

  3. craving the topshop pair, they look lush!
    Katie (katiehuxtable.com)

  4. They are amazing! Especially number 7!
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  5. Hi Emily! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, which is a nomination to help people with under 200 followers on their blog! Have a look on my blog to see what it's all about.


    Let me know when you're finished, because I want to see your response! The instructions are in the blog! :)

  6. love the topshop ones - they're so cute! x


  7. absolutely love the slip on trainers , I have been living in them for the couple of months and they are so comfy and easy to wear and plus they go with everything so cool.

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