Monday, 14 April 2014

Triangl Swimwear- Review

Hey Everyone!

So with the amount of questions i've been receiving about these bikinis I thought it was only right that I did a review; so here we go!

It's fair to say that i'd been totally lusting over this bikini for months as well as the company as a whole. Triangl is a Hong Kong based company, run and managed by australians; so when it comes to bikinis they know their stuff!  

My bikini-

I've got the Tilly Sunburst Bikini. (click here to buy it) Their bikinis range from 79-89 USD each plus 20 USD for shipping. Which equates to around £50-54 per bikini plus £12 shipping fee. They come with a top, bottoms and a matching bag, which is so so cute!

The Bikinis are made of a neoprene fabric, they feel like wetsuit material, meaning that they stay put when on your body.. its fantastic!


This is probably the thing I got the most questions on. I got a Small in the top and the bottoms and i'm around a UK 8, possibly a 10 around the hip area. The bottoms fit fantastically, which is i'm being honest was a shock! The top is a little big as I have a narrow chest but it is still wearable due to the fabric(another plus to neoprene!!).

If you are looking to purchase a Triangl bikini i'd definitely recommend looking at their size guides that they provide!

Triangl are a very hyped about company on social media platforms right now and I totally understand why. Personally, I believe that investing in a good quality bikini is essential as it's only going to make you feel more confidant about yourself, and this bikini does exactly that for me!

Check out;
Triangl's swimwear range-
Triangl's underwear range
Their FAQ's page-

If you've got any further questions feel free to leave them in the comments or message me on twitter/instagram (@imhereforever_) 

Until next time,

-M. Xx



  1. I love the colour of your bikini; so lovely! x

  2. omg I'm so jealous. I want a triangl bikini so much but they are just solo expensive :(

  3. What was the shipping like? I'm getting some underwear from them and the tracking has been extremely confusing. :/

  4. Was wondering how much you were charged for customs? Want to make sure Im not going to get massive hidden charges!

    1. hey I just got my Traingl bikini and the customs charge was 46.3 pounds! so be careful of this!

  5. How long did you have to wait till your bikini arrived?
    I just ordered two bikinis last week but they are having stock problems.. They don't know when they will be in stock again. Were you also on a waiting list or something else? x

  6. Did you incur any tax or duty on the bikini?

  7. Emily , where is your Black bikini from ? The one that has cut outs up the side and is high waisted ? xxx

  8. Emily , where is your Black bikini from ? The one that has cut outs up the side and is high waisted ? xxx

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