Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Skincare Game Changer!

Hey Lovelies!

Skincare has been something i've been playing with quite a lot over the summer and I finally think i've got it cracked.

I've finally realised what my routine has been missing, an exfoliating/cleansing brush! I've never tried a product that has much so much of an obvious difference to the condition of my skin. My skin no longer looks dull or has those annoying little bumps!

Let me tell you a bit more about the exfoliating brush I use.

 I use the Spin for Perfect Skin from Vitagoods and I couldn't be more impressed. It actually comes with 4 different brush heads.

1. The Cleansing Facial Brush.

I use this brush on a daily basis for general cleansing, it's gentle enough to allow me to use it twice a day yet is still effective to the point where I see a difference from using it.

2. Exfoliating Brush.
I guess the name is pretty self explanatory!! I use this brush head less often, probably twice a week, just when I feel my skin needs a little bit more help.

3. The Body Brush
This brush head has a substantially larger surface area. It's especially good if you suffer with breakouts on your back, although I just use it before I apply fake tan to prepare my skin.

 4. Pumice Stone.

This is GREAT for getting dead skin off your elbows, feet and knees. Again, I use this one before fake tan; It prepares my skin perfectly! 

Like I said previously, when I use the brush I see a noticeable difference in my skin. When reading up on the brush these are the product features and benefits it claims to have; 

- We all know the importance of having a clean “Canvas” before applying makeup, this product is highly effective in providing a smooth finish.
- Removes excess oil that causes clogged pores.
-Prevents future blemishes
-Leaves the skin healthier and gently lifts away dry dead skin cells.
-1 Year Warranty
-4 different type of replacement heads including Body brush.
-Can be paired with your favourite cleanser

.....and I have to agree, with ALL of them! I'm really impressed by the brush and I would totally recommend it. If you are interested I will leave all the links, along with a coupon code for 70% OFF,  below.

Promo code: EMILYSPIN 

Until Next Time,

M. Xx

*Sale price $30 (70% Discount off $99.99 retail price) Final Cost-$30 free US Shipping While coupon code supplies last!*



  1. This looks really great! I hate having those little annoying bumps on my skin! I definitely want to give this a go!

  2. This looks so cool! I have never seen something like this before but can't wait to try! X

  3. This sounds so good need to check it out!

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