Friday, 17 October 2014


Hey Everyone!

So, thank to all of you AMAZING people I hit 50,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel last night, WHAT?! (watch my reaction here-

So, I thought a lovely way to thank you all would be to hold a giveaway! Here are all the details;

I am holding the giveaway with Look Fantastic and it is soooo easy to enter, here's how;

Subscribe to my main YouTube channel-
Subscribe to my vlog channel-
Follow my Twitter- @imhereforever_ (
Follow my Instagram- @imhereforever_ (
THEN click the link below enter your email address and like Look Fantastic on Facebook. THATS IT!

The winner will be announced in the next 2 weeks so get entering!

Until Next Time.

M. Xx



  1. Hi M! Is it international or UK only? Congrats by the way! x

  2. Entered! Congrats on 50k, so proud of you!! :D

  3. Hi m! Congratulations! You deserve very subscriber and I'm always amazed at how consistent you are!! Just one question, i don't have Twitter so will my entry count? Xxxx

  4. Thats amazing 50,000 subscribers.
    Well done, definitely well deserved I love your blog.

    Cool Ember xx

  5. Congratulations! I've entered :')!

  6. Congratulations on such a great achievement! Great post about Nanshy brushes too. Don't forget to check back to the Nanshy blog for regular blog posts, my latest is here:

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