Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Hey everyone!

If you can't be bothered to read my rambling and just want the website then here it is haha;

Individual Face Brush- http://goo.gl/EiYmA3

I see make up brushes as one of those things that you don't really take much notice of until you stumble across some that are AMAZING and realise how awful your scratchy old brushes were. 

That's exactly what happened when I started using these brushes from Nanshy! My personal favs are the buffed base brush, blush brush, angled eye brush and the blending brush. (All of which I use in this video- http://goo.gl/oFjCGq)

Of course I love my Real Techniques expert face brush but it's just too small! I feel like good brushes can totally change how your make up looks overall.

Check out the Nanshy website; 
Masterful collection (bottom picture)- http://goo.gl/IUzoHL
Individual Face Brush- http://goo.gl/EiYmA3

Until next time,

M Xx



  1. these look/sound AMAZING! I love your blog and youtube channel so much.. I would absolutely be so excited if you checked out my blog http://rachelcoco.blogspot.co.uk

    I've been thinking of starting a youtube channel but I'm kind of scared to do it haha! x

    1. You should do it!
      i also have a beauty blog, would you mind checking it out halliemakeup.blogspot.co.uk

  2. these look really cute.!:)

  3. cool! i also have a beauty blog, would you mind checking it out halliemakeup.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I haven't heard of these brushes before. Are they still some of your favourites?x


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