Monday, 1 December 2014

Jack Wills Brownie Points!

Hey Everyone!

It's now December which means the countdown to christmas has officially started(eeek)!

Jack Wills are doing an awesome competition in the run up to christmas where you can win prizes during every day of advent! Each day Jack Wills are going to be posting an Xmas card on one of their social platforms, every time you share any Xmas card with someone using #JWBrowniePoints, you will both be in with the chance to win a daily festive delight. Dust off your social channels & prepare to clock up some serious #JWBrowniePoints.

This particular card is an exclusive one that I have before ANYONE ELSE! So head over to my instagram (@imhereforever_) and get reposting. There's gonna be LOADS of other cards, like the ones below!

There's so many awesome prizes to be won EVERY DAY! 

I just thought i'd let you guys know about this as i'm gonna be participating (who doesn't want to win Jack Wills stuff?!!!) So make sure you follow Jack Wills on their social media platforms so you don't miss out on anything!

Hashtag: #JWBrowniePoints

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Unil Next Time,

M. Xx



  1. thank you for doing a post on this! It looks like such an amazing competition- I love Jack Wills! xx

  2. Your blog is so cute:)

    Paige x

  3. cool! i also have a beauty blog, would you mind checking it out

    1. Course I will:) Here is my blog aswell ~

      Paige x

  4. I'm really nervous about advertising my blog on social media due to people I know commenting and such, I would be super grateful if even one of you could check mine out

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