Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year.

As you may know from previous blog posts and videos i'm extremely fussy when it comes to beauty boxes however one of the few that i think is worth the money is the one from Look Fantastic.

It comes out on the 1st of each month and will always cost £15.00 with free delivery. The box is worth over £45 and this month a 'ghd Eclipse Styler' (worth £145.00) has been added to 20 random boxes WHICH IS SO EXCITING! Here's where you can buy it; http://goo.gl/xiPxczAnyway, here's what's in the January box!

Firstly we've got the Philip Kingsly Daily Damage Defence spray. 
I've actually tried this before and it's awesome! Philip Kingsly is an amazing brand and this works really well to detangle hair!

2. My Vitamins Vitamin C Effervescent tablets.  
These looks cool, they're tablets you dissolve into water to create an orange tasting drink that is full of vitamins. Definitely something i need in the new year when i'm trying to kickstart my healthy lifestyle! 

3. Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash.
All i can say is IM SO EXCITED TO TRY THIS! It smells amazing.

4. Nuxe Soothing and Rehydrating Fresh Mask.
This is a total gem! For one the product is worth £18.50 secondly it has AWESOME reviews. Cannot wait to try it. 

5. Gatineau Collagen Eye Compresses. 
These eye compresses are supposed to revive and rejuvenate the eyes. Sounds interesting.

6. Goldwell 60 Sec Treatment for Coarse Colour-Treated Hair.
Personally, I don't have this type of hair. But i'll be sure to save this incase I decide to dye my hair and it needs a bit of a boost! Also THE PRODUCT INSIDE IS PINK!!!

So, I hope you all enjoyed seeing what was in this months box! It's definitely worth checking out, especially for £15! Here's the link for more info or to buy the box; http://goo.gl/xiPxcz.

Until Next Time,

M. Xx


  1. This box looks amazing and love this post x

  2. Love your blog, i find it so inspiring! Xx

  3. can you do these more often? I find them really interesting. love you xx

  4. Such a lovely,helpful post! Love your blog <3 xx


  5. This beauty box sounds amazing! Very clear post too :)


  6. Really want to get one now!
    Love your blog and vlogs


  7. This beauty box looks pretty good, really want to try it out!

  8. I always love the look fantastic beauty boxes each and everyone is amazing!


  9. Never actually heard most of these brands! I'd love to try them out :)

    Anything & Everything

  10. this box seems amazing, definitely have to try this out, love your blogs M x

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