Thursday, 18 February 2016

OOTN - At The Races.

I thought i'd share with you my races outfit! Loved this so much and it was super comfy. As it was quite breezy I wanted to go for something that matched with the thickest jacket I had with me(oops). Which, of course, means back, black ...and more black! The shoes were incredibly comfortable and no problem to walk in, which made the night even more enjoyable!

Skirt (Under dress):


  1. I love the outfit!
    I hope your having an amazing holiday and by the way your vlogs just keep getting better and better!!

  2. Dubai! It looked amazing, really want to go there now, I really want you to film a video on how to make a blog and YouTube as I've been wanting to forever but have literally no confidence to do so!! Your so inspirational:)

  3. Love this look! Hope you had an amazing time in Dubai!

    Lauren |

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