Sunday, 28 February 2016


I took my boyfriend on a Valentine's trip, on which we visited Dubai, Singapore and Bali. So many people have requested in depth hotel reviews, so here you go!

We stayed at two hotels in Dubai, one in the city and another on Palm Jumeirah.

This was the first hotel on our trip and it was so perfectly situated. The drive from the airport was around 15 minutes. There's plenty of little shops to walk to and it's a 9 minute taxi journey from The Dubai Mall, costing around £6. 

Within the hotel there's a pool, spa and roof terrace. They're usually pretty busy so if you're going to Dubai to sunbathe then this hotel isn't for you. The rooms, and views, are beautiful.

The food in the hotel is all rather over done. If you want a burger and chips or a regular sandwich you're going to have to go out of the hotel.

Wifi- the wifi was great! you could stream video, upload video and browse without a problem. You could also connect an unlimited amount of devices. 

The only negative about this hotel is the fact that there's no balconies in the rooms. 

But overall we loved our stay, the staff were great too.

Link to the hotel: 
Nassima Royal Dubai

We moved to the Waldorf for a couple of nights to experience a resort on the Palm. We arrived at around 3 o'clock and checked in straight away. 

The room was fabulous, total luxury. Walk in wardrobe, bathroom with a bath and a shower, a living area and of course an insanely comfortable bed. This hotel also had a balcony (wooo!)

The food in this hotel was great. We ate at the casual restaurant by the pool twice, they serve things such as fish and chips, pasta, burgers and so much more, all made and presented to a very high standard. It was also very well priced. In the evening, we visited the buffet restaurant. The buffet restaurant is themed every evening and we happened to go on french night. I'm not really a fan of french food but there was still plenty I liked. Pizza, cheese, bread, veg... I filled my plate with broccoli and beef. The desserts were very impressive. 

Wifi- the wifi was average. You could just about stream video, with a lot of buffering! The upload speed was ok though. There was the option to upgrade to a faster connection, it was around £60 for a week, we didn't think it was worth it for 2 nights. 

My only criticism of this hotel is the fact that there was no where near enough sun beds for all of the guests. If you go in peak season then this may be an issue! Similarly, there is only one pool and the hotel is huge.

I would most definitely stay there again.

Link to the hotel: Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

I'm sorry that the pictures aren't too great, I wasn't planning on doing reviews as such. I have linked both of the hotels so you can have a look at the rooms and pools etc! 

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,



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