Monday, 7 March 2016


This hotel is uber cool! It took around 30 minutes to get there form the airport and is situated in downtown Singapore, within walking distance to china town too.

We arrived at around 9 and our room was ready at 11, even though check in was scheduled for 3. We were invited to wait on the 5th floor, the roof terrace, by the out door pool and spa. IT WAS SO HUMID. I'd recommend going to restaurant and getting a drink as opposed to doing this.

Our room was situated on the 10th floor and was accessed by an our door corridor (that sounds so sketchy, i promise it was beautiful). The room was a typical city hotel room, relatively small but a lot of smart space. The floors where the rooms are situated can only be accessed by guests, which I liked a lot.

The restaurant 'Lime' was great, as was the breakfast buffet there. The food ranged from burgers and pastas to authentic asian food. I'd recommend the Wanton Noodle Soup!!! The room service menu was very large and basically offered the same as the restaurant.

The staff were amazing! We spent Jake's 20th birthday there and, as requested, they knocked on the door at dot on 12am with a cake for him!!! 

Wifi- The wifi in this hotel was above average. We were given a temporary code until we were in our room. Once in our room we had a permanent log in (room number and surname) which allowed us to connect all of our devices with no issues.

We chose this particular hotel as it was a good distance form the airpot and Universal studios. It took around 15 minutes to get to universal in a taxi, costing around £10. There is a lot to see around the hotel so i'd definitely recommend going for a wander. We went to Clarke Quay on our first evening and ate at a lovely pizzaria. 

My only negative about this hotel is the fact that the pool was FREEZING! Too cold to swim in, even in the 30 degree weather. 

Link to the hotel: Park Royal on Pickering

Again, I apologise that I wasn't more prepared with the photos, I got these off google. 

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. Wow it looks absolutely amazing there! I'm dying to go to Singapore, currently googling cheap flights lol it looks like a dream! Emily x

    1. Same except I can't afford cheap flights either haha

  2. This hotel looks STUNNING! I've been wanting to go to Singapore for so long! Long journey for me as I'm all the way in LA!


  3. The hotel looks beautiful! Your entire trip just looked amazing, and I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself! On my own blog, I've just put up a post naming you as one of my current favourite bloggers. Would you please take a look?

  4. You look so lovely! : ) I need posts like this as I will be going on work placement soon and am stuck for outfit ideas. xx
    high fashion // Glance at here

  5. This looks incredible!
    Your blog is so cute

    J x

  6. Loved this x
    I've just created my very first blog and I'm about to upload a post! I would be so grateful if anyone had the time to check it out and possibly subscribe if they are interested, much love x x

    Lauren x

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  8. Looks beautiful just like you Emily xx

  9. that looks so nice, hope you have a lovely time &birthday��������

  10. OMG that place looks so amazing I wish I could afford to travel still saving up to go visit my grandma in Mexico hoping to go this summer

  11. Trying to become a makeup artist if I won this giveaway it would be so helpful. I love you Emily

  12. Omg just imagine winning this omfg I downloaded Twitter just for this I don't really know what Twitter is even about but all the naked palettes yes please I'm so in love with your videos I always watch them I also love her acent anyone else ?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Wow Emily this looked amazing

  14. This looks amazing seriously jealous!

  15. Doing this amazing giveaway is SO nice of you ilysm❤ I really want and HOPE to win this amazing giveaway❤ Good luck to everyone😥❤

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  17. Looks so relaxing #chill I love you ☀️⭐️

  18. Amazing give away 💞 thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Would have loved to stay here everything looks so pretty 😊

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