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So let’s talk prom dress shopping. 

My first tip is to use it as an excuse to get as dressed up as you like! How many opportunities will you get to wear a full-length dress?? EXACTLY! I’ve got some examples of my favourite type of prom dresses to show you from David’s Bridal. They have a great assortment of stylish, on-trend dresses for all events- long, short, party dresses, prom dresses… Lots of my school friends bought them here because they are so well-priced! Their prom range is between £70- £280 and the majority of the dresses are below £200. I thought it would be an awesome brand to recommend to you. 

The first dress looks like this:

I would personally go for this dress as I find it super flattering on my body shape and you want to feel amazing for prom, right? I also love the details like the jewels on the front and the cut outs on the back are a great touch. If you like minimal accessorising, details like this are great. 

The next dress is the perfect balance of princess and grown-up. You will still feel like a total princess, but the black adds so much class.

The final dress I’m going to show you is a slightly braver option as it’s quite tight to the body. I love the details on this dress. It makes it interesting without needing any bling. The dresses from David’s Bridal are trend-led so you’ll get so many great styles like high necklines, crop-top styles, cut-outs and beaded dresses. The neckline on this dress shows that- it’s gorgeous!

The cut out at the back is flattering and it fits so well. That said I would size down on this dress in particular as you don’t want it to be gaping. As they stock sizes 2-30 you won’t really have to worry about finding your size! You can browse online at or shop in-store at London Stratford, Watford or Glasgow. (You can find your nearest store here:

Dress 1:
Dress 2: 
Dress 3: 

I hope this has helped you find your perfect prom dress! 



  1. You look gorgeous in all of these!!!

  2. My prom dress is so similar to the first dress!! You look so gorgeous Emily πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’• xx

  3. Love all of these dresses - so pretty! Made me even more excited for my prom now :)

  4. You look so beaut! Dress 3 is my favourite by far though! X

  5. Omg this is my favorite youtuber by miles I love you soooo much yr my idol ����������

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