Saturday, 18 November 2017

A Lovely Little Discovery... Les Georgettes by Altesse.

HEY, it's been a while! 

These past few weeks have been SUPER mad for me. So taking it back to Paris fashion week. I was fortunate enough to be asked by the wonderful brand, Les Georgettes to visit their office to learn about their beautiful jewellery. I had to idea about what the brand represented or its story, all I knew is that their jewellery was STUNNING. The whole concept is so different to anything i've seen, so I was excited to find out more!

A bit of a back story.. 
The brand is made up of two French companies. France's leading jewellery manufacturer - Maison Altesse and Renowed breton leather manufacturer - Texier.

The concept behind the brand: So the brand wants to give people the option to design your own jewellery to match your mood.. so cool right?!

You choose the band you want, which come in different widths and also different collections
  • Les Essentielles
  • Les Précieuses
  • Les Coutures 
After you've picked which bangle you want you can then pick which colour leather band you want to add. The leather bands can be turned over to give a completely different look to the bracelet. They have contrasting colours so one day you could have a yellow bracelet then the next day navy. So you get two in one, which is AWESOME!

The leather bands are actually really great value meaning you could buy a few different colours, then your jewellery would match with so many different outfits. The possibilities are endless! 

A little sneak peak.... THEY WILL BE DOING HANDBAGS. You all know my love for handbags I cannot wait!!

If you want to check out the collections and prices, here's the website!
Thanks for catching up!

Until next time.

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  1. These bangles are so pretty! Thanks for sharing x


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