Wednesday, 13 March 2019


x4 PAX Wardrobe frame - White - 100 x 58 x 236cm - £70 -
x2 PAX Wardrobe frame - White - 100 x 35 x 236 cm - £60 -
x15 KOMPLEMENT Shelf - White - 100 x 35 cm - £10 -
x5 KOMPLEMENT Clothes rail - White - 100cm - £5 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Divider - White - 75-100 x 58 cm - £25 -
x4 KOMPLEMENT Shelf - White - 100 x 58 cm - £10 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Divider - Transparent - 100 x 58 cm - £10 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Pull-out multi-use hanger - White - £10 -
x11 KOMPLEMENT Drawer - White - 100 x 58 cm - £25 -
x3 KOMPLEMENT Drawer - White - 50 x 58 cm - £20 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Pull-out tray - White - 100 x 58 cm - £20 -

x2 ALEX 6 Drawer Unit -
x1 Alex 9 Drawer Unit -

Glass top Desk -
Yellow Chair (Similar) -
Green Banana Leaf Poster -
Gold Frame -

Acrylic Makeup Storage -

Full-Length Mirror -
Large Mirror on the Desk -



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