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I'm always excited to try new products and brands so if you think I’d like your product then feel free to send it over to: 

Emily Canham Kameleon 53 Frith Street 2nd floor London, W1D 4SN

Please do note; samples are sent for me to try out and there is no guarantee that the product will be featured. Although if I discover something that I LOVE then i'm more than likely not going to shut up about it in my videos!!

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Can't wait to hear from you.


  1. What inspired you to make a YouTube channel?

  2. I saw yout new instergram picture of the naked pallete i was wondering if you could give me some help of where to find it x

  3. Do we have to have twitter to enter

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  5. If you could be 1 celebrity who would it be??❤️❤️❤️

  6. Hey Emily
    My names Anniemae and I have been watching you for around a year now. I went to your Westfield meet up and it felt amazing to finally meet you.I hope you enjoyed your Victoria secret body spray and candles, and I hope Jake is enjoying his monkey mug that my friend livi and I got you. However my sister Lilyanna could not make it. I forgot to ask you to record a video for her and her birthday is tomorrow. she is one of your biggest fans (she is going to be 17) and I was wondering if you could send a card to our house for her birthday or follow her on instagram and send her a DM. This would seriously mean the WORLD to her! I know this is a lot to ask you but it would be such a good birthday present. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and reply asap if you can do this.

    From Annie Maé Bradley
    My Social media:
    Instagram : daisy_am_03
    Snapchat: Anniemae_11

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  8. hi i love your videos by the way ive probably watched the all by now! <3 but anyway i really want to start a blog and i was just wondering how you made yours and what website you used to create it?!

  9. Hi emily I love you and you've really inspired me to be myself and you are so cool and pretty I love Jemily it's sooooo cute xxx

  10. Isn't it about time you admitted your real age I was in your class st Southfields and you're certainly not in your late teens !
    Nothing worse than a dumb blogger who's shallow and insecure

    1. haha thats why youre unknown - dont lie to get attention

  11. Is there a place to subscribe to this Blog? I looked and couldn't find it. Thanks for any help!

  12. Hi love you girl xxxx xxxxxxxxx


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