Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Hello lovelies.

I was sooooo excited when I received the new NYX Total Control foundation! I'd heard so much hype from across the pond and I couldn't wait to get it on my face!! 

Firstly, wow the shade range is very impressive, which isn't something you usually see when a brand releases a new foundation. The shades cover a range of, not only, skin colours but skin tones too! LOVE IT.

The Packaging is also something I was drawn to, it's presented in a beautiful clouded glass bottle along with a black pipette for easy application. Super hygienic and the overall look is very sleek and high end!

The Coverage! On the box it gives you a rough guide on the amount of coverage in relation to the amount of drops used, super handy. Two drops = sheer, light coverage. Three drops = medium coverage, and four drops = a full coverage finish. 

However when I applied the foundation, I found that I ended up using a lot more drops than advised, maybe I just like a super full coverage look?! I think this foundation would be perfect if you want a light coverage for the day time then build up in the evening for that full glam look. 

Overall i'm super impressed with the lasting power of the foundation, along with the look on the skin. and for only £14 what more could you ask for!!  Definitely, give it a try if your looking for a new foundation to try out! 


Until next time 

(If there are any other products that you would like me to review, please do comment down below.)


Friday, 1 December 2017




Baked blush http://bit.ly/2Brrcit
baked blush http://bit.ly/2Brrcit
Eye liner http://bit.ly/2ixSwb5  
Eye liner http://bit.ly/2ixSwb5  
Cream eyeshadow http://bit.ly/2ALnX8Z
Eye shadow palette http://bit.ly/2AyAKLs  
Eye shadow palette http://bit.ly/2AyAKLs
Eye shadow palette http://bit.ly/2AyAKLs
Single eye shadow http://bit.ly/2Av6Fg5
Single eye shadow http://bit.ly/2Av6Fg5
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Lipsticks http://bit.ly/2BqBKhF  
Glitter kit http://bit.ly/2jAQnHQ  
Face palette http://bit.ly/2i9BDQ4
Brushes kit http://bit.ly/2ixRJXx
Christmas beauty blender http://bit.ly/2AwTFGE

Disney X Primark

Chip backpack 
Chip mug 
Aristacat hoodie
Minnie footlets
Minnie hot water bottle 
Belle jar light 
Cogsworth clock

PRIZE 3   
Chloe Morello palette http://bit.ly/2zUmpcS
Pur highlight palette http://bit.ly/2BpotpK
Bobbi Brown contour palette http://bit.ly/2zElERc
L'Oreal hydra genius http://bit.ly/2j6rpRm
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L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
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YSL glossy stain http://bit.ly/2AgSFpD
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L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
L’Oreal concealer http://bit.ly/2BpraHE
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YSL glossy stain http://bit.ly/2AgSFpD
YSL glossy stain http://bit.ly/2AgSFpD
YSL glossy stain http://bit.ly/2AgSFpD
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Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream http://bit.ly/2iy3Nrx
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Iconic Evo Brush - http://bit.ly/2jCTfUD
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Marc Jacobs - http://bit.ly/2j4SqEQ
L'Oreal Paris True Match The One Concealer - http://bit.ly/2i8dOb8 X 4
Giorgio Armani Eye & Brow Maestro - http://bit.ly/2jASzPu
Beautyblender Gold Mine Gift Set - http://bit.ly/2Bpv7vS
Eylure x Fleur De Force Brow Define - http://bit.ly/2j7nYd1
PUR Quick Pro Glitters Gift Set - http://bit.ly/2BCeVs2
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - http://shopstyle.it/l/pvjY
Bobbi Brown Highlighter - http://bit.ly/2AnknPo
NUDESTIX Babeboss Faves Box - http://bit.ly/2ALFuxT
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Gold Addiction Lipstick - http://shopstyle.it/l/pvkM
IT COSMETICS Superhero Mascara - http://bit.ly/2Ajp271

Listen focal Headphones - http://amzn.to/2Bryh2e  

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A Lovely Little Discovery... Les Georgettes by Altesse.

HEY, it's been a while! 

These past few weeks have been SUPER mad for me. So taking it back to Paris fashion week. I was fortunate enough to be asked by the wonderful brand, Les Georgettes to visit their office to learn about their beautiful jewellery. I had to idea about what the brand represented or its story, all I knew is that their jewellery was STUNNING. The whole concept is so different to anything i've seen, so I was excited to find out more!

A bit of a back story.. 
The brand is made up of two French companies. France's leading jewellery manufacturer - Maison Altesse and Renowed breton leather manufacturer - Texier.

The concept behind the brand: So the brand wants to give people the option to design your own jewellery to match your mood.. so cool right?!

You choose the band you want, which come in different widths and also different collections
  • Les Essentielles
  • Les Précieuses
  • Les Coutures 
After you've picked which bangle you want you can then pick which colour leather band you want to add. The leather bands can be turned over to give a completely different look to the bracelet. They have contrasting colours so one day you could have a yellow bracelet then the next day navy. So you get two in one, which is AWESOME!

The leather bands are actually really great value meaning you could buy a few different colours, then your jewellery would match with so many different outfits. The possibilities are endless! 

A little sneak peak.... THEY WILL BE DOING HANDBAGS. You all know my love for handbags I cannot wait!!

If you want to check out the collections and prices, here's the website! www.lesgeorgettes.com
Thanks for catching up!

Until next time.

M. Xx


Tuesday, 26 September 2017



A new product from L'OREAL?! of course I had to try it! This moisturiser is insane! Its main focus is to hydrate the skin and repair the skin.

If you have sensitive or dry skin this would be perfect for you! Not only is it hydrating, it's super soft on the skin so it shouldn't irritate your skin at all, if your skin is sensitive.

It sinks straight into your skin which is perfect for when applying prior to makeup. Total #facedrink!

I know a few of my friends aren't keen on the smell but I find it super refreshing! I'm pretty sure it's the aloe vera you can smell. It's not overpowering or anything. 
For summer, I've got to say this is a must have! The only negative is the bottle is glass so its not easy to travel with. Other than that, deffo worth a go! 

Until next time
M. Xx


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

BEING by Sanctuary Spa

If you watch my vlogs you'll know that around a month ago I went out to ibiza for the launch of BEING by Sanctuary Spa. A bold, fun and fresh range of products that they claim 'smell good enough to eat' (they do!!)
The scents are INCREDIBLE and the best thing is that there all so affordable!! 

From bubble bath to body sprays, the range comes in 5 different scents..

  • Hibiscus & Coconut water
  • Clousberry & Lychee blossom
  • Salted Caramel & Macadamia (MY FAVE)
  • Chilli mango & tonka bean 
  • Water lotus and pomelo 

The different products are fab from bubble bath to body mist and bath bombs to wash bags, theres so much choice! All ranging from £5 to £10 so super affordable!

Like I said, my personal favourite is the Salted Caramel and Macadamia scent and i've already managed to make my way through a whole pot of bubble bath! We had such a fab trip and the range is something i'd 100% recommend checking out. It's so refreshing to see a brand take such a fun approach to their products whist managing to keep them of such great quality.

You can check them out here - BEING BY SANCTUARY.

Until next time 
M. Xx


Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Firstly How blooming cute are these!!! I couldn't wait to try these out! Sheet masks have taken the beauty world by storm recently, but I think Nails inc have topped them all with these cute designs!

I've tried a few of the different masks, each mask has a different purpose. With one being targeted at oil balancing and another anti ageing, there are so many to choose from all with their own unique, fun design! I think I have to say, my favourite is the rainbow mask which targets brightening & smoothing. It's super cute and I can really see a difference after I use it!

When applying the masks it's super simple and quick with no faffing about!

Check out the face masks here..

Until next time 
M. Xx

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