Friday, 20 September 2019

A Night At The Ovolo.

Hey my loves, welcome back to another trip with M.

Last night I flew into Brisbane from LAX. At 14 hours, the flight was the longest I've ever taken and I was slightly apprehensive. However, in typical Emily style, I slept from the runway at LAX all the way until 30 minutes before landing. How? I honestly don’t know but I’m not going to complain!! I must mention, the leg room in economy on Virgin Australia was incredible! So, that probably helped.

I landed at 5:30am, grabbed my luggage and hopped into a car arriving at Ovolo The Valley 20 minutes later. My room was ready for me, I ordered breakfast from room service and headed straight to the bath! 

I was in a Large Spa room and of course, I filmed a room tour for you..

At an average price of $254 (AUD) equivalent to £140, it’s an awesome hotel in a fab location. Having the whole day to myself I deiced to explore the area, be productive and work out. I took a stroll to a nearby drugstore, there’s a ton of shops within a 10 minute walk.

Despite the fact the hotel has awesome gym facilities, I decided to head out and do a barre class at a local studio. I did a bit of research and ended up at Barre Body on Charlotte street. A 30 minute walk or a 10 minute Uber from The Ovolo. It was by far the BEST barre class I’ve done in a while and really well priced at $30 (£16). The instructor noticed that it was my first session, gave me a tour of the studio and filled me in on all the info which was super lovely, especially as I get super anxious in new situations like that. 

I was super sad to have not been able to spend more time at this hotel, especially after discovering how gorgeous the roof and pool area! The 7th floor is home to the gym and pool, both are worth a visit. I spend the remainder of my afternoon on the roof working and surprisingly, the wifi was just as strong on the roof!!!  We love good wifi.

The room was equipped with a tv and a streaming service meaning you can stream your derives on the tv. The wifi was reliable and fast, I uploaded a YouTube video, which granted was only a 1GB file, in 3 minutes. 

For dinner, I headed down to Za Za Ta. The restaurant within the hotel. A mix of Mediterranean cuisine. The food was good, the only thing I found a miss was the lack of vegetables. I JUST WANTED SOME BROCCOLI. 


Similarly, the breakfast is served at Za Za Ta. A buffet spread is included in the price of most rooms and is one of the better price included’ hotel breakfasts I’ve experienced. Numerous kinds of bread for toast, endless press fruit, pastries, cheese, ham and so much more. The Banana bread is a yes! However, the drinks were not included and I was charged $4.50 for an English breakfast tea. 

Check out their socials here if you want to have a nosey:

Overall a fab experience at Ovolo The Valley, as far as I’m aware Ovolo only took over this location around a month and a half ago which is really hard to believe considering how smooth my stay was. The staff were incredibly helpful and it’s definitely a hotel on my list to return to.

Until next time,

M. Xx


Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Top 10 FREE 'Instagrammable' Locations in LONDON!

1. Harrods

2. China Town

3. Piccadilly Circus

4. Covent Garden

5. Broad Court

6. Big Ben

7. The London Eye

8. Platform 9 3/4

9. THE SWING! (at Kings Cross)

10. The Corridor (at St Pancras) 

Wednesday, 13 March 2019


x4 PAX Wardrobe frame - White - 100 x 58 x 236cm - £70 -
x2 PAX Wardrobe frame - White - 100 x 35 x 236 cm - £60 -
x15 KOMPLEMENT Shelf - White - 100 x 35 cm - £10 -
x5 KOMPLEMENT Clothes rail - White - 100cm - £5 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Divider - White - 75-100 x 58 cm - £25 -
x4 KOMPLEMENT Shelf - White - 100 x 58 cm - £10 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Divider - Transparent - 100 x 58 cm - £10 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Pull-out multi-use hanger - White - £10 -
x11 KOMPLEMENT Drawer - White - 100 x 58 cm - £25 -
x3 KOMPLEMENT Drawer - White - 50 x 58 cm - £20 -
x1 KOMPLEMENT Pull-out tray - White - 100 x 58 cm - £20 -

x2 ALEX 6 Drawer Unit -
x1 Alex 9 Drawer Unit -

Glass top Desk -
Yellow Chair (Similar) -
Green Banana Leaf Poster -
Gold Frame -

Acrylic Makeup Storage -

Full-Length Mirror -
Large Mirror on the Desk -


Thursday, 15 March 2018

Disney World Orlando

At the end of February, Charlie and I headed to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. WE HAD THE BEST TIME EVER! I feel like that goes without saying because it's basically impossible to have a bad time at Disney World.

Charlie and I spent two days in the parks before heading out on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas! You'll find out about that in a future post. In just 2 days we managed to do everything we wanted to, with the help of the VIP guides. We were joined by Johnathon, Mikee and Austin during our time in the parks, they were total babes!

To check out what we got up to on each day, head over to my vlog channel. If you've never been to Disney World, or you're heading there at some point in the future, here are our top five picks!

1. Flight of Passage - Animal Kingdom.
One of the newest rides, Flight of Passage is based on the land Pandora, from Avatar. I'm not going to tell you too much just trust me IT'S WORTH THE WAIT. Honestly, the ride is next level.

2. Epcot.
JUST EPCOT!! The park is pretty much split in half, Future World and the World Showcase. The World Showcase is a selection of areas themed by countries that are dotted around the lake. Not only that, each of them serve food from that specific country and in each area the staff originates from that country. SO COOL.

3. Magic Kingdom Fireworks.
Happily Ever After, the current illuminations show in Magic Kingdom is a MUST. I got crazy emotional because it was just so magical.

4. Pandora - Animal Kingdom.
Like I mentioned earlier, Pandora is the land from Avatar. The area in Animal Kingdom is well worth a visit for a wander around, especially at night too! The illuminations are incredible. 

5. Toy Story - Hollywood Studios.
Toy Story Mania is probably one of the most competitive rides in the whole park! It's a 4D shooting game suitable for all ages. Although I must admit, Charlie did beat me... every time!!

Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to check out the vlogs!

Until Next Time M.. Xx


Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Hey, you lovely lot!

Can you believe that Christmas is over already? I'm genuinely so upset, I've had the best Christmas EVER year! After having a very emotional, testing, but still totally incredible year I'm so relieved to say that the year has ended on a total high. Spending time with my friends and family has been amazing. I hope you have had the best Christmas too and had time off to relax with your loved ones. 

 I've been so eager to share what I got for Christmas so, here we go! If you want to check out the full YouTube video then click HERE

Glass bauble with a cocker spaniel in the bauble -
Tea Pigs Chai tea bags -
4 packets of Reece peanut butter cups -
Candle with JOY on -
Weels tide timetable( Have a holiday home in Norfolk!)
Hand sanitiser (I'm a clean freak)
Milk Frother  -
body exfoliator -
Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients cookbook -
Something kind of Wonderful - Giovanna Fletcher -
Amy and Rogers epic detour -
A Quiet kind of thunder -
After You jojo moves -
one of us is lying -
Spider catcher -
English tea shop collections set -
Shoe jack to help get my wellies off -
Sharpies set -
pestle and mortar -
Mini Whisks -
Bake off apron -
Mulberry Scarf in Camel -
Oliver Bonas coster with Letter M on -
Tea towel made by my little Sister
Cookie dough bites
Mac Lipliner Shade Whirl -
Heated eye lash curler from eyelure -
10 Pret brownies!!!! (my fave)
Red old skool vans( WANTED THESE FOR SOOOO LONG) -
Calvin Klein underwear set in white -
Burberry Scarf with initials on -
Chocolate cocktails set minis
Boots vouchers
Amazon voucher
TK MAXX voucher
Monica Vinader bracelet -

I am so so so so grateful for everything that I received this Christmas and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! 

Until next time M.. Xx


Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Hello lovelies.

I was sooooo excited when I received the new NYX Total Control foundation! I'd heard so much hype from across the pond and I couldn't wait to get it on my face!! 

Firstly, wow the shade range is very impressive, which isn't something you usually see when a brand releases a new foundation. The shades cover a range of, not only, skin colours but skin tones too! LOVE IT.

The Packaging is also something I was drawn to, it's presented in a beautiful clouded glass bottle along with a black pipette for easy application. Super hygienic and the overall look is very sleek and high end!

The Coverage! On the box it gives you a rough guide on the amount of coverage in relation to the amount of drops used, super handy. Two drops = sheer, light coverage. Three drops = medium coverage, and four drops = a full coverage finish. 

However when I applied the foundation, I found that I ended up using a lot more drops than advised, maybe I just like a super full coverage look?! I think this foundation would be perfect if you want a light coverage for the day time then build up in the evening for that full glam look. 

Overall i'm super impressed with the lasting power of the foundation, along with the look on the skin. and for only £14 what more could you ask for!!  Definitely, give it a try if your looking for a new foundation to try out! 


Until next time 

(If there are any other products that you would like me to review, please do comment down below.)


Friday, 1 December 2017

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